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Transcendence Coaching

“Transcendence Coaching” with Neena Verma (ICF-PCC, PhD) offers a deep change & transcendental growth experience that goes beyond the immediate break-through solution. Neena coaches for ‘Abundance’ (transformational growth) & ‘Transcendence’ (deep consciousness, ‘Being’ level learning).

“Transcendence Coaching” with Neena facilitates abundance-seeking, presence-based, essence-invoking, “Being level” consciousness … beyond breakthrough solution to essential growth. ‘Transcendence Coaching’ approach helps the Client experience deep connect with own core, Universe, Nature, its elements .. shifting focus from ‘doing’ & ‘having’ to ‘Being’. It is at this level of ‘Being’ that an individual is able to hear oneself in the “silence of here & now”. The experience of oneself at this deep ‘Being’ level, helps one tranverse from ‘manifest self’ towards ‘essential Self’.

“Transcendence Coaching with Neena Verma” offerings include …

  • Organizational Context – Executive, Leadership, Team & Systemic Coaching
  • Learning & OD – Coaching Capability Development
  • Life Context – Coaching for Individual & Relationships’ Abundance
  • Mentor-Coaching – to aspiring Coaches & Helping Professionals
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